COVID Bulletin – Summer Closed; September probably a go

by | May 17, 2020 | Blog

Dear Boundless Community:

We’ve all been waiting for the axe to fall on the summer, and now that it has fallen, as per Ontario’s announcement yesterday, it is received with great melancholy, and admittedly, some relief too.

Our Boundless team just couldn’t conjure a way of protecting your kids. Going this summer didn’t feel right.

In our brainstorms, we came up with a great plan to serve fifteen individuals. But you can hardly build a summer business model around that number.

So, we are closed this summer. And that’s that.

What’s Next?

– We likely open in September serving 15 kids in our boarding school.

– I confirm we shall be offering online English in July. It’s a sublime model, but also wrought with limitations if you compare it to a “real” class. 

I feel for the teens and young adults having their summers ripped away. We’ll all have to work together – parents and teens as partners – to cobble together a meaningful plan.

As a charity, Boundless has indeed sewn together a strategy to survive, even thrive, in these challenging times. We have been blessed by public support. We are solid, and plan to be back in full force this fall, with a torrent of ideas for next winter and summer.

I wish you well on your journeys ahead and look forward to connecting with you all on the other side of this madness.

Big Covid Hug to you all.

Steven Gottlieb
Executive Director

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Steven Gottlieb
Steven Gottlieb