Indigenous Youth, Multigenerational, and Community Programs

Our social partners, including Indigenous programs, describe the poignant need for isolated and struggling youth to connect to a community. They say this need rivals the importance of education.

Boundless provides the chance for siblings, parents, grandparents, significant caregivers and Elders to join together to encircle their youth and create something magical. 

It’s about culture. It’s about having a community stand up for its own.

Groups ranging in size from ten to fifty people come to Boundless for 5-7 days from May-August inclusive. This is in addition to our core education programs.

This program is open to all Toronto, Ottawa, and Madawaska Valley communities that need a boost.


Adventure Based Education for High School Credits

Our Madawaska River based program plunges groups of youth into the whitewater. Literally. The activities are thrilling, challenging, and bind groups together.

The river is used as a pretext to impose obligations on young people to support each other. To get youth to extend beyond limitations. 

All youth earn a half or full high school credit for their efforts.

This program is open to all our community partners.

Want to find out more?

Please contact Steven Gottlieb at [email protected] for more information.