About Us


We started in 1984 as an outdoor adventure centre, experimenting with who we could help and how much we could inspire people to go beyond their limits. In 1989, we became a charity, figuring that we could change the world one paddle stroke at a time, and have since motivated 20,000 students to achieve outstanding outcomes. In 2004, we officially became a private high school, and life at Boundless has never been the same, resulting in longer and even more impactful education programs.


Our mission is to go to the ends of the earth to help teens achieve academic and social outcomes beyond their wildest dreams. We are quite relentless in insisting that people be good to each other. The result is an exquisite learning environment where kids don’t want to leave.

“I love Boundless. My life would be sad without it.”

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Email: [email protected] | Toronto Phone: 416-951-7059 | School Phone: 613-758-2702