Boarding School

Our boarding school students, who are not thriving in the mainstream, get to take a hiatus from their everyday lives and start fresh. Teenagers choose to live in our engaging learning community, strategically earning credits in one or more of 30 and 40-day sessions, spanning September to March each year. Students develop a new relationship with learning and achievement.

Fall 2024 & Winter 2025 Dates

Session 1:  Sept 14th – October 23rd, 2024
Session 2:  October 31st – Dec. 9th, 2024
Session 3: January 10th – February 8th, 2025
Session 4: February 16th – March 27th, 2025

The Boarding School is for co-ed teens aged 15+ not engaged in the mainstream.

What It Is

Teens earn credits in Math, English, History, Science, Art, and elective curricula in hands-on experiential ways.

Students regain a firm educational foothold by earning lost credits efficiently, so they may get “caught up” and re-energized. Some students plow ahead and complete their diplomas.

We support students with a 1:3 teacher to student ratio. We provide individual and group counselling and also offer next-steps planning. 

What It Isn’t

We are not a boot camp. Students choose to participate. Boundless is a place of joy, and kids often don’t want to go home when it’s over.

It is not an easy life. Students work hard here, are accountable to others, and excel because they feel themselves to be an intimate part of a team. Chores, civility, and kindness are key.

“He is excited about his academic success. He saw himself as a learner and not an academic mess. He recognizes that he may have to look at different ways of learning to be successful and not just stay in his comfort zone. Boundless has been a real eye opener for P. Boundless has been a very positive experience for our family.”

“This is the best experience of my life. It was a place where I made friends and did a crazy amount of learning that I never would have done. Who thought I would ever nail Math and History. It’s amazing that someone like me was able to do something like this. Boundless will forever be a special place in my heart.”

What You learn

English (all levels)

  • Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12
  • Our English courses are dynamic, unique, and engaging. We strive to tailor our courses to students’ interests. They may create their own whitewater magazine with reviews of the latest gear, bios, and advertisements. Or, a talkative group with a penchant for the profound might create a debate club. The storytellers sit around campfires and hold their peers in rapt attention. Our small class size ensures that all of our students get the support, encouragement, and creative inspiration they might require.

Writer’s Craft (EWC4C and EWC4U)

  • Grade 12
  • Our English curriculum extends beyond the 4 credits required to graduate.  Writer’s Craft shifts focus from all 4 strands of English (Writing, Reading, Oral, and Media) to the written language. Students will explore every facet of the craft, gaining more experience with persuasive writing, poetry, interviews and fiction to name just a few. A creative student’s dream. This course also looks great for University applications.
  • Writer’s Craft is available at both College and University levels once a student has completed their Grade 12 English.

Mathematics (MAT2L and MEL3E)

  • Grades 10 & 11
  • As with all our other courses, we bring Math to life using experiential, hands-on methods, both in the classroom and in ‘real life’ excursions. These courses eliminate the age old question of “why are we learning this?” Here you learn Financial Literacy; learning how to save money to eat, plan for the future, and not be in someone else’s pocket. We encourage small-group learning so that math is neither feared nor seen in isolation by our students. Our math classes are tiny, relaxed and intimate. As a result, our math students have finished courses with newfound confidence and competency.

History (CHC2P and CHC2D)

  • Grade 10
  • We study Canadian History by living it. We dig and fight from the trenches, cook up Depression era delicacies, design our own national flags, and build Cold War bunkers. Historical tragedies and triumphs are brought into the context of what is happening now. Students emerge both humbled and inspired.

Outdoor Education (PAD1O – PAD4O)

  • Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12
  • Teaching and living outdoor education is in our bones. Our teachers have spent countless weeks, months, and even years dedicated to outdoor training and facilitation – and more than anything, they love to introduce students to the benefits of ‘getting out there.’ It helps that “out there” is on our doorstep. Rivers, hikes, forests, and swamps are all walking distance from our rooms. Canoeing and tripping, wilderness living, orienteering and navigation, survival and safety skills, environmental awareness, and interpretation, all help to bring the pages of the curriculum to life.

Leadership (GPP3O and PLF4M)

  • Grades 11 & 12
  • The success of each session at Boundless rests on the cohesiveness of the group. It is through these Leadership courses, that students learn to understand and appreciate the group process and the elements that create a ‘well-oiled’ team. Problem-solving, team initiatives, ropes courses, climbing and belaying, program design, teaching and facilitation, and group check-ins, are all key elements of these courses that encourage students to lean on one another, and enjoy contributing to the process while sharing mutual responsibility. The feelings and attitudes engendered by our Leadership course experience will serve them well into the future.

Science (SNC2P)

  • Grade 10
  • Science is us and among us, so in understanding it, we better understand ourselves. We take every chance to make science easy to digest and astounding at the same time. Experiments are the name of the game and there are few concepts that are not demonstrable and incredible. We make clouds, examine our own cells, play with lasers, test the effects of various liquids on teeth (not ours) and dissect organs (also not ours). Students leave class wide-eyed and full of questions about how the world all around (and inside them) works.

Integrative Arts (ALC2O)

  • Grade 10
  • It turns out, there are ways to express yourself without being limited to 140 characters. This course includes multiple strands of art, and offers students a brilliant array of options to explore and experiment. One week we may paint, the next we sculpt and fire some pottery. We have some drama activities in between lessons to loosen people up and then a night where we learn to salsa dance. There’s something for everyone in this course, and it’s not uncommon to see students feverishly working on their favourite pet project during downtime.

Environmental Science (SVN3M)

  • Grade 11
  • There is a trend that we intentionally choose courses that are useful, exciting and utilize our amazing location in Northern Ontario.  Environmental Science meets all these criteria as it focuses on current environmental challenges, the environment’s impact on health and sustainability and conservation.  It is a University/College course in one of the fastest growing job sectors with limitless local experiences. It is a 5 minute drive to visit logging operations, dams and sustainable farms after all.  Not to mention the organic farming that takes place on our property!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the credits Applied/College or Academic/University stream?

Depending on the course, we offer credits that range from Locally Developed to University stream, and anywhere in between. For the University bound, course codes are included on this page – anything that ends with U (University) or M (University/College) is useful. We are constantly adding new courses at Grade 11 and 12 University levels.

“Every step of the way, I felt cared for, appreciated, loved and valued. I remember being overwhelmed by the September camping trip and briefly mentioning it to someone, they put forth so much effort. From that day forward, over 80 days, teachers made sure I was comfortable, calm, happy and sane. I’ve never been more at peace, been in so much awe of the beauty of the earth, laughed so obnoxiously, lead so confidently or smelled so gross and loved every minute of it. I realized that I don’t need makeup to be beautiful and that there are some extraordinary people with unreal personalities.”

Want to find out more?

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