Elephants, Be Damned

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Blog

Dear Boundless Families:

Everyone arrived safely yesterday, except one of our favourite students of all time, who was delayed a few days because the bugger hurt his foot on day minus one. That one-week break can be as hazardness as a class three rapid. C’mon L., get your butt up here! 

First, a confession. I am not at Boundless until Nov 10th, so I can’t give you anything juicy right now. What I have gleaned comes second hand. We all know how well the game of broken telephone works, but I will try my best.

95% of the students have returned from session one. The two new ones, both lovely young people, have been treated like royalty by the alumni, having been given personal tours of Boundless, with, I imagine, a hundred survival tips. I am told both are doing quite well for day two (I ain’t just saying this btw).

Last night, after the welcoming, everyone toured the buildings, especially the older ones, where we attempted to scare their dinners out of their bellies with haunted stories. The problem with working with teens is that they are wise to EVERYTHING. They would have none of our nonsense, or so I have been told.

The educational line up is rather compelling this session. David is teaching math for everyday living. Families, be prepared to have your household budgets figured out and your loans amortized by the end of these forty days.

Half the kids will be learning philosophy, and the other half history. I’ll tell you more about these courses when I know what the heck is going on. 

And, of course, there is that OE credit, where your kids will end up camping in foul weather like a bunch of lunatics. I, of course, will find a way to be sick that evening.

November is a typically cloudy month, before the snow comes. I remember one former student from Kenya, unaccustomed to the glories of a Canadian November, who once described the overcast sky as feeling “like an elephant is sitting upon the earth.”

Which means that adventure and fun must be manufactured, to some extent. The line up of creative activities is rather dazzling. Who cares about the fog? Things are looking quite bright anyways at Boundless. Your kids are simply wonderful.

I’ll be in touch again November 11th.



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Steven Gottlieb
Steven Gottlieb