A General Moves On

by | May 3, 2022 | Blog

Dear Friends of Boundless:

Adrian, who invested his identity in managing Boundless operations for 23 years, headed for greener pastures at the end of March. He left his DNA imprinted in this Boundless. 

On a personal note, I lost a General and gained a friend. I wrote the following poem  (Please note that I stole a few lines from Bruce Springsteen).

We played kings of the mountain

Our eyes pried open by the thrill

Yet, too often, reality charged up the hill


We towered side by side

 each one fighting for the other

Forever more Adrian, we are blood brothers


The hardness of this world ground some dreams away

black and white turned to grey


We did it anyways


Always moving ahead. Never one to slack

You redefined “I got your back”


 My emotions are impossible to conceal

Have I fallen beneath the wheel?


Have I lost or gained sight?

we’ll leave that question to hindsight


I feel the power of many friends around me

And the miles we have come

And the battles won and lost


So many roads travelled

So many rivers crossed


I honour you Adrian, I know there shall never be another

Forever more, we are blood brothers

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Steven Gottlieb
Steven Gottlieb